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A new challenge was posted today at The Inspired Scrapper. It's all about making Lists.

Every Christmas, my oldest son gives me a sketch book for the upcoming year to make notes, lists and sketches. This year, he bought me a blank journal by Ecojot. It's 7x10 in size and raw cardboard. At first, I was disappointed that it wasn't already decorated...Ecojot makes some pretty cool designs. But then I thought about the creative possibilities. I decided to list all the words that would inspire a positive and productive year ahead. Here it is:

The whole journal is done with stamps in my favourite colours. The background is done in faint musical notes. There are five symbols on my journal. The heart represents by oldest, Isaiah, who is always full of love. The smiley face is Charlie, whose smile lights up my life. The flower is Abby, my delicate blossom. And finally, Lilah, the hand print, because she's always making an impression. The stars represent me, the North Star in particular, the only star in the sky that doesn't move, which reminds me to be constant, unwavering...a guide for those who rely on me.

Happy Friday!

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