It's amazing what one can accomplish when inspired to do so. Don't ya think?

An urge strikes, then all of a sudden and just like that, nothing can stop you! Things fall into place - ticketyboo - all so natural, and you feel elated about what you've accomplished in the end.

Now, the big question do you get inspired?


Who the heck knows!

For me, it's usually something I read. Sometimes it's what someone says to me. Like, "What do you do with swiss chard? How do you use gaffer tape? Where should I go for dinner?". Huh...a question to be pondered. A problem to be solved. For some strange reason, that person's inquiry will occupy my mind for hours (or days) on end. What is that?!? A need to help. Maternal instincts. Plain curiosity.

Who the heck knows!

So...the other day (while putting away laundry) I notice a blank wall in my bedroom. Odd! I've lived in this house for so long, it's curious as to why I have a wall unadorned. "Probleme? Question?", my 11-th grade French teacher's voice chimes into my head. "Oui!", I reply to myself, "I need a piece of art on this wall." "En francais, Sonja!!!"...uhhh...(flashbacks of highschool swarm into my mind)...FINE!..."J'ai besoin d'une pi├Ęce de l'art sur ce mur."

I head to my studio. The largest canvas I have on hand is 12x12. "Good enough," I say. The patterned paper sitting on top of my (dusty) pile is Christmas themed. "Whatever!" I make quick work of it before the inspiration passes or I'm summoned by a resounding, "Mama? MAMA? Maaamaaaa!!!", where I'm whisked away to wipe a bum, clean up a spill or break up a sibling squabble. Herein lies the fruits of my conquest...updated photos of my babies and a newly occupied space on my bedroom wall. A 12x12 pseudo holiday canvas (that has since turned into a class).

Back to my first question. Where does one find INSPIRATION? 'Cause I'd like to know.

I guess all one can do is pinpoint areas of provocation and expose themselves to those triggers as often as possible.

For me, it's people (first and foremost), food and food producers (farmers mostly), crafters, those striving to live sustainably. In essence, it's predominantly people passionate about their cause when their goal is something greater than themselves. As sentimental as that sounds, it's what I'm attracted to. Go figure! As the saying goes, "You can't help who you fall in love with." I'm thinking that applies to all areas of life, in general. To each, her own...n'est-ce pa?

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I have a blog?

Hello Again. Hope you all had a wonderful summer!

Sorry, I've been remiss is keeping this updated. The past few months have been crazy busy over here. An opportunity arose late spring, diverting my focus elsewhere. I haven't had much free time to devote to computer play, but thanks to my friends for a little (gentle) prodding :) So here it is...a highly overdue update.

Charlie's First Communion

General Big Brother Silliness

Me & B in the Cascades

Visits to Community Gardens & Farmers Markets
Here we are in East Vancouver, but Colony Farm's Community Garden is fantastic. One of my favourite jaunts on a lazy Saturday. My favourite Farmers Markets are Coquitlam and Bellingham. The Vancouver one's are great, but I find them a little pricey in comparison.

A lovely Henna artist was at Coquitlam's Spirit Square Market this summer.
Jordy got this work of art done.

Community Trees
Zay's band has been doing very well on the local scene. They perform regularly around town including The Corner downtown. A few weeks ago, they opened for Kyprios on the Sunshine Coast. So proud of you guys!

Creekside Rock Sales
When the kids and I are craving water, we head to a little secret cove affectionately named "creekside". Lilah sets up a booth (chair) where she sells rocks for $100 and $200 for a handful...although she has been known to sell a rock for a kiss (but only to select people:).

Camping, camping and more camping.
We went camping 7 or 8 times this summer...Maple Ridge, Sunshine Coast and Washington.

Scrapbooking & Crafts
My 4-year old doing a 12x12 layout (all by herself!)

Park Play with Peeps
Wish I knew what Clare and Abby are laughing about, they look like they're having a blast!

With Nancy and TT at their vacation spot in Hope.

Zay has a thing for trees. He can't help but climb them (scares the heck outta me but whatever...he's an adult now! I just stand at the bottom praying he doesn't fall.)

Our Annual Wine Tour to the Okanagan
Tracy and I savouring the food, wine and art of the Okanagan.

My Supergirl
I love that she leaves the house in her Supergirl outfit.

More Farm Fun...

I've never seen anything like this giant "air pillow".

Charlie firing corn out of an air gun at The Apple Barn in Abbotsford.

A Couple of Projects.
Album from me & B's trip to the Cascades.

Inspired by a woman I met at Langley's Country Celebration who makes bags out of old sweaters. I went home and made this coffee cozy from the sleeve of an old (but dear) sweater I've been keeping for sentimental reasons.

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Tofino Album

Hello Ladies (from Sue's Crop), here are the pages from my Tofino album, as requested. Pardon the delay and thanks to Jessie from Cherish for the gentle reminder last week:) Click on the photos for a closer look.

The inspiration for this project was to scrapbook ALL my Tofino photos in 3 evenings. I took a small basket and loaded it with misc flowers, stickers, rub-ons, buttons, ribbon, chipboard shapes and brads...things I love to hoard. The challenge was to only use the things in the basket. Try's a great way to get rid of your little bits & pieces that collect over time.

Have fun scrapbooking your 4x6 photos:) Contact me if you have trouble finding 4x6 photosleeves. Note: We R Memory Keepers are my favourite...they are top-loading (side-loading tends to slip out of their sleeves!) and they are thicker than competitors.

National Scrapbooking Day!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day to all you crafters, artists and mamarazzi's! Today, I'd like to share a few of my all-time favourites with you. For more ideas, visit The Inspired Scrapper, where other designers share their scrapbook stories & favourite projects in celebration of NSD!

Why do I scrapbook?
By 22 years old, all I had left of my parents was a shoe box of photos and even fewer stories. I never want that to be the case for my four children. I scrapbook to document our life together, to share stories and my experiences with them. Even if I'm not here to show/tell them in person, they'll know who I am, what was most important to me, and how much I treasured them as individuals. As parents, all we really want is to be there for our kids when they need us. Scrapbooking, for me, ensures that. Everything beloved scrapbooking friends & colleagues, the supplies, all icing on the cake!

Organizational tip.
My organizational tip is not about organizing at all, but about keeping things visible. When I buy something new, I keep it on my desk. I'm more likely to use it if I use it right away. I keep a bin of stamps (ones I've bought but haven't used yet) on my desk, along with my new patterned papers. I bought them because they spoke to me somehow, so I try to draw on that inspiration right away rather than stashing it for later?

Must have tools.
My corner rounder and sanding block. Can't scrap without them!

Favourite manufacturers.
For paper it's Crate Paper, Echo Park and Basic Grey. My favourite embellishments are by Hambly, Jenni Bowlin and Prima. My all-time fave stamps are by Purple Onion...classic images and they're easy to store (and cheap to have shipped) because they're unmounted.

Most "out-of-the-box" projects.

Baby shoes made from Grunge Board:

And this 4x4 photo sleeve project which I love because it allowed me to use bits and pieces of my favourite things in one chipboard, stamps, rub-ons, flowers, lace cardstock and overlays. All the things I love to hoard!

My favourite altered item.

A large canvas celebrating my youngest daughter's first year:

Also, this 4x4 album I made using printed tissue to cover the chipboard.

My favourite layouts.
A sketch by Becky Fleck featuring photos taken by my "adopted" daughter, Gel and celebrating my oldest son, Isaiah, who I adore for being a genuine soul.

A simple layout that I adore because it took me an hour to make and features my favourite patterned papers (at the time, anyway).

My favourite card.

Heart stamps by Purple Onion:

Happy Scrapping this weekend!

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Inspired Scrapper - Today's Challenge

Happy Friday, everyone! Today's challenge on The Inspired Scrapper comes from Becky Fleck's Pagemaps.

Here's my version of Becky's amazing sketch. This 12x12 layout titled "Have Faith" is for my son's First Communion in May, which is why there are no photos yet. Hope you like it:)

Supplies: Patterned paper by Bo Bunny and Basic Grey, Maya Road chipboard butterflies, Prima bling, Jillibean Soup corrugated alphabet.

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Crazy About Quotes

Friday's Inspired Scrapper was all about Quotes. Here are some projects I created using quotes...

A Wall Hanging made from Technique Tuesday tiles. It's a quote from the tv series "Firefly", and it reminds me that my friends are always there for me...all I need to do is lean on them.

One of my all-time favourite quotes, on a 4x4 mini canvas made into a fridge magnet. I took this sunset photo on our Crop n' Cruise Carribean trip in November. With Allison Orthner beside me giving great photo advice, it's hard not to take a good photo!

A 12x12 layout of my youngest girl, being the quirky and amazing person that she is. Lady Gaga quote from her song "Born This Way".

Here are some of my other favourite quotes:

"I wish people who have trouble communicating would just shut up." - Tom Lehrer

"Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life." - Eric Hoffer

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” - Dr. Seuss

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr. Seuss

And this one of Christy Riopel's favourite quotes, which she shared with me last night (sorry, girl, but I'm stealing it;), "When people try to hold you back and bring you down, it's because they are behind and beneath you."

And thanks to Katarina, Cari and Christy for a fantastic evening. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! You ladies are the BEST!!! Mwah<3

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