It's amazing what one can accomplish when inspired to do so. Don't ya think?

An urge strikes, then all of a sudden and just like that, nothing can stop you! Things fall into place - ticketyboo - all so natural, and you feel elated about what you've accomplished in the end.

Now, the big question do you get inspired?


Who the heck knows!

For me, it's usually something I read. Sometimes it's what someone says to me. Like, "What do you do with swiss chard? How do you use gaffer tape? Where should I go for dinner?". Huh...a question to be pondered. A problem to be solved. For some strange reason, that person's inquiry will occupy my mind for hours (or days) on end. What is that?!? A need to help. Maternal instincts. Plain curiosity.

Who the heck knows!

So...the other day (while putting away laundry) I notice a blank wall in my bedroom. Odd! I've lived in this house for so long, it's curious as to why I have a wall unadorned. "Probleme? Question?", my 11-th grade French teacher's voice chimes into my head. "Oui!", I reply to myself, "I need a piece of art on this wall." "En francais, Sonja!!!"...uhhh...(flashbacks of highschool swarm into my mind)...FINE!..."J'ai besoin d'une pi├Ęce de l'art sur ce mur."

I head to my studio. The largest canvas I have on hand is 12x12. "Good enough," I say. The patterned paper sitting on top of my (dusty) pile is Christmas themed. "Whatever!" I make quick work of it before the inspiration passes or I'm summoned by a resounding, "Mama? MAMA? Maaamaaaa!!!", where I'm whisked away to wipe a bum, clean up a spill or break up a sibling squabble. Herein lies the fruits of my conquest...updated photos of my babies and a newly occupied space on my bedroom wall. A 12x12 pseudo holiday canvas (that has since turned into a class).

Back to my first question. Where does one find INSPIRATION? 'Cause I'd like to know.

I guess all one can do is pinpoint areas of provocation and expose themselves to those triggers as often as possible.

For me, it's people (first and foremost), food and food producers (farmers mostly), crafters, those striving to live sustainably. In essence, it's predominantly people passionate about their cause when their goal is something greater than themselves. As sentimental as that sounds, it's what I'm attracted to. Go figure! As the saying goes, "You can't help who you fall in love with." I'm thinking that applies to all areas of life, in general. To each, her own...n'est-ce pa?

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Wanda said...

Love looking back and seeing some inspiration. I took a class from you a few years back now and miss seeing your work. Maybe one day you'll get back into blogging and spreading around some of your great creative ideas.

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