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Hello Again. Hope you all had a wonderful summer!

Sorry, I've been remiss is keeping this updated. The past few months have been crazy busy over here. An opportunity arose late spring, diverting my focus elsewhere. I haven't had much free time to devote to computer play, but thanks to my friends for a little (gentle) prodding :) So here it is...a highly overdue update.

Charlie's First Communion

General Big Brother Silliness

Me & B in the Cascades

Visits to Community Gardens & Farmers Markets
Here we are in East Vancouver, but Colony Farm's Community Garden is fantastic. One of my favourite jaunts on a lazy Saturday. My favourite Farmers Markets are Coquitlam and Bellingham. The Vancouver one's are great, but I find them a little pricey in comparison.

A lovely Henna artist was at Coquitlam's Spirit Square Market this summer.
Jordy got this work of art done.

Community Trees
Zay's band has been doing very well on the local scene. They perform regularly around town including The Corner downtown. A few weeks ago, they opened for Kyprios on the Sunshine Coast. So proud of you guys!

Creekside Rock Sales
When the kids and I are craving water, we head to a little secret cove affectionately named "creekside". Lilah sets up a booth (chair) where she sells rocks for $100 and $200 for a handful...although she has been known to sell a rock for a kiss (but only to select people:).

Camping, camping and more camping.
We went camping 7 or 8 times this summer...Maple Ridge, Sunshine Coast and Washington.

Scrapbooking & Crafts
My 4-year old doing a 12x12 layout (all by herself!)

Park Play with Peeps
Wish I knew what Clare and Abby are laughing about, they look like they're having a blast!

With Nancy and TT at their vacation spot in Hope.

Zay has a thing for trees. He can't help but climb them (scares the heck outta me but whatever...he's an adult now! I just stand at the bottom praying he doesn't fall.)

Our Annual Wine Tour to the Okanagan
Tracy and I savouring the food, wine and art of the Okanagan.

My Supergirl
I love that she leaves the house in her Supergirl outfit.

More Farm Fun...

I've never seen anything like this giant "air pillow".

Charlie firing corn out of an air gun at The Apple Barn in Abbotsford.

A Couple of Projects.
Album from me & B's trip to the Cascades.

Inspired by a woman I met at Langley's Country Celebration who makes bags out of old sweaters. I went home and made this coffee cozy from the sleeve of an old (but dear) sweater I've been keeping for sentimental reasons.

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