Gifts from God

It is my belief that we are all born with gifts. I was always taught that when God gives you a gift, you should share it with the world. Some people are good with numbers or words, some athletically inclined, some are artistic...and so on. I can't imagine a place where people didn't share their gifts with would be a pretty boring place, I think! People who invent things that make our lives easier, those who create beautiful art and music for us to enjoy, athletes who give their lives to their sport and authors who pour their hearts onto paper and share their imagination with us. Their talents give us hope, make us smile, make life easier and inspire us to be better people.

I've always been the type of parent to focus on gifts. "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life", is my philosophy. When Isaiah was little, he used to complain that he wasn't good at anything. I told him not to worry...that all he could do was expose himself to as many things as possible and, one day, he'll find his way! Sure enough, in Grade 7, he tried out for the role of "Daddy Warbucks" in his school's musical and he got the part. From then on, he discovered that his gift was music. Isaiah shares his love for music with us everyday, as do his closest friends, and they perform often for others to enjoy.

My youngest daughter, Lilah, loves art. She paints, draws, molds clay, cuts & glues things...she creates every day, several times a day. It's a beautiful thing! She's my little "artista":)

Smile, baby!

"Beep, beep...Lilah. I'm trying to take a picture of your layout!"

Here's the layout of Lilah's "people" drawn on Charlie's etch-a-sketch. They kinda look like potato heads, but I love cute!

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