Happy New Year!

Wow...can't believe it's 2011! Sounds so surreal. Hope you all enjoyed the holidays:) Here's a little update on my little family.

Lilah loves to draw and craft. One day, she asked me how to draw eyes, claiming "mine eyes didn't look like real, Mama...they're only dots". So I showed her and this is what she drew. Don't they look like Potato Heads? LOL!

Isaiah at sunset.

Abby made this man for target practice. She put it on the fridge then started to throw popscicle sticks at it. Don't know where she gets this from (wink, wink).

Love when Zay's friends come over and spontaneously break into song. It's like a live concert in my family room. Here's a little something from Corbin's "Last Song for You" concert. Click here. The kids were were truly amazing. Zay's playing the drums.

Zay teaching Abby to play drums at Gel's house.

I think Lilah thinks she's a Charlie's Angel. Again...don't know where these kids get this from;)

A Pagemaps sketch to get me in the scrapping mood! Love these pics Gel took of Isaiah.

My first Inspired Scrapper project in a long time. But I'm back and will be participating as often as I can.

Another good tidbit of news...I will be teaching at Crop for Kids in Calgary on March 19th. Stay tuned for sneak peaks of my projects.

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