Spring Break

This year's Spring Break was two weeks for us. During the first week, I had the pleasure of teaching at Crop for Kids in Calgary. Tracy and I stayed with our lovely friend, Sandy, who we met and became close to during Crop n' Cruise Carribean last November.

Crop for Kids holds this contest called "Iron Scrapbooker", where designers compete like they do on Iron Chef. Christy Riopel, Susan Weckesser and I each had one hour to complete a double-page layout, one card and one atc, and could only use the items they gave us, which turned out to be thrift store finds. Was nerve racking but a lot of fun! Can't believe I made all that stuff in ONE HOUR...if only I could work like that at home! Christy remains the "Iron Scrapbooker" champ! Katharina Doyle of Canadian Scrapbooker was the commentator (and heckler) of the contest...lol! She's was hilarious!

Each designer was given a "sous" scrapbooker to help us out.

Viola worked most of the weekend, but was able to have dinner with us on Friday night:)

There is nothing cooler than shopping in a scrapbooking wholesale warehouse! Nothing!!! I'm pretty sure the staff had to mop up drool from the floor after we left. Haha!

I was so inspired after I got home from Calgary that I started scrapbooking and pretty much didn't stop until 48 hours later (except to sleep, eat, clean and grocery shop). I completed a new Gimme 5 class (sneak peak above) using the supplies I picked up at the warehouse in Alberta. It's a mix of patterned paper from Echo Park and Crate Paper. I will sell them as kits during my classes at Scrapping Away Whistler in April.

I also finished 2 layouts for upcoming Inspired Scrapper challenges. So a total of SEVEN layouts. I was pretty proud of myself, considering I've haven't done seven layouts in the past three months combined...lol!

After my mojo ran out, I still had a few days before the kids got home from Dad's week, so Gel and I reorganized the garage and did some yardwork. Took a lot of time but I'm so glad it's done!

When the kids got home from their week with Dad, I threw myself into mama-mode. We've been baking, painting, building forts, playing at the park, sleeping in and spending time with friends. It's been heaven!

Here's Lilah...at it again with the felts! Oh my, can't imagine what I'll have to deal with when she's a teenager:/

Well, that's all to report for now.

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Bones said...

As always my dear great pictures and having seen the Gimme 5 layout IRL I hope others get to see it too. I agree, no negativity, gee maybe they are afraid that they have to deal with me if they are negative with you? lol!

Nancy D

Sonja said...

LOL...yeah, you can be pretty scary when you wanna be. But that's what I love about you! The real deal. True to you & to others, whether it's good or bad. You're not a coward like some psycho stalkers who shall remain...well, anonymous!

Tracy said...

Had a great time in Calgary with you, just like I do any time we get together with any of the "peeps". It was great having a chance catching up with some of the gals from the cruise, touring the scrapbook stores, and coming home with lots of fun goodies. I haven't bought anything in soooooo long! Time to get back to scrapbooking again!!!

The Gimme 5 layouts are gorgeous and look like so much fun, like always! Can't wait for the class.

As for the negative people, there is always one out there! However, if they are making these negative comments anonymously, they are cowards. People who do things like that are obviously not happy with themselves. They are not happy in their own lives, so they have to bring down everyone else. They are just jealous. Jealous that you are a successful scrapbooker, a loving mother and a great friend.

Love ya girl! No negativity from me!

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